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Amoires / cupboards

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Old ceiling board burglar bar - AA006

Where we are

We are at 194 Main Rd Diep River Cape Town

                                                            Green cupboard on cupboard - AA051


                 Large single door painted - AA004                                           Two door old ceiling board - AA005

                                                            Two door glass display, white - AA052


          Two piece reverse ceiling board TV unit - AA007                       Cupboard single door large squat - AA035

                                                            Patchwork cupboard - two door - AA053


                 Two door amoire painted - AA010                                                Two door amoire painted - AA042

                                                            Two door cupboard and drawers - AA054


                     Amoire flat top 2 door - AA041                                           Amoire oregon flat top 2 door - AA033


                 Old ceiling board kitchen - AA016                                                   Two door painted - AA032


         Old ceiling 2 door kitchen cupboard - AA038                                    Two door 4 drawer server - AA037


                 Old ceiling 2 door cupboard - AA039                               Old ceiling painted 2 door four drawer - AA040


         Cupboard multi coloured ceiling board - AA034                                  Large two door painted - AA014


                                                        Old mesh two door cupboard - AA043


           Small old ceiling board burglar bar - AA044                             Large single door with metal panels - AA045


          Single door old metal ceiling panels - AA046                         Old ceiling cupboard with metal insert - AA047


                                                        Two door old ceiling cupboard - AA048


                                                        Flat top two door amoire - AA049


                                                        Old ceiling board 4 door cupboard - AA050

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